Our food choices

food choices

Hello, it has been a while since my last blog, as works on the webpage are taking quite some time, looking for ways and means to explain how to present the space for people to come and find their ways into theirs πŸ’œ …

Back again with further ideas on foods and the consequences to our bodies.
First let me explain, that we live in a psychical body that comes equipped with the mind and those two can not be separated.
The third is the spiritual body and it’s our mission to come to that realization, through everyday choices and situations that present themselves to us, as they are so coordinated to awaken our highest potential on this plane of understanding. We are not the psychical body we perceive as we touch or see in the mirror every morning. We are souls incarnated to have human experience and it’s our mission to play different roles as humans.
Many of us here experience different trauma when trying to awaken our spiritual body and come to that realization of who we really are. And one of the tools we use is our sense of taste through foods we’ve ingested so far. Through that process, we can learn how our psychical body reacts with what we choose to feed our emotional body.
Anyone can observe, how we enter this world in more or less the same state as babies and through the course of a lifetime, our appearance changes, depending on what we chose to eat, what we choose to think and what we choose to feel, and some might not be in harmony with all living beings such as humans, animals and plants.
I’m not here to lecture on how bad is eating one thing or the other, but to help understand and be aware of its karmic effect that sooner or later present to ones who observes their actions.
Nature has offered mankind all possible choices, but it’s up to each one of us to enjoy and feel good in our hearts with our actions we do at least 3 times a day. We live in times where thinking of past and future is no excuse and will not help anyone to come to this understanding. With our daily activities we have poisoned the planet, that is the fact we all are facing right now.


Here this question arises:

Does the toxicity we encounter in our daily lives impact the speed of our healing process?

Well yes, it adds to your burdens. Let me explain this. You have various bodies, that you call subtle bodies You also have four main body systems; the physical vehicle, the emotional body, the mental body and the etheric body. Each of these has a number of sublevels as well; that is why we talk of 9 subtle bodies or 12 subtle bodies or more. We will not explore all of this now as it is too complex for this discussion. We will focus on the main four bodies that each represent 25% of your totality. They work together, so when you suppress one you suppress the others. When you heal one, you bring relief to the others. It is important to know that when you ingest or inhale toxic chemical substances, certain of them are fairly easy to clear from the body, while with the others the body has no mechanism of elimination.

Chemicals and pollution ot the 21st century have been so fully blended into the food, water, air supply that our bodies have difficult times eliminating them. The toxic levels within our body continue to grow. When the body was designed, there were no man-made toxic substances. These toxins dwell in our cells, with the right application of vibrational and homepoatic medicine we can eliminate them from our system.

Do what you can to ingest only the purest food and water. When you physically don’t feel well, your emotions can rise up and your mental strength isn’t as sharp. When you don’t feel balanced emotionally, you don’t feel well in your physical body either. All is connected. When your thoughts are negative, or you are judging something or someone, you lower the vibration of all your bodies.
When you reside in low vibrations, you might experience illusions of illnesses that stop you from joy and further growth as human beings. Hope this helps you understand the importance of food choices.Β 

It’s not my duty to say what to ingest for anyone, as we all have free choices. Just to help you understand what is not taught in public schools or even homes, universities and so on.

But to help you understand that our behavior depends on our selection of foods we prefer, thinking is the right choice we made on daily basis.

Toxic food – toxic behavior.

Simple as that.

Love and light to all πŸ’œ