8 Day Experience

Orgone bed experience

7 night / 8 day experience includes:

– 7 nights accommodation in the cob house or under the stars
– half-day trip to Lanzarote
– 2 day trip to Tenerife
– all inclusive vegan meals
– crystal spa and gong sessions
– morning walks
– orgonite making workshop

– colloidal silver making workshop
– beach time /optional watersports activities




12.00 pick up from the airport and a short pit stop at local fruit &veg shop to get some fresh veggies for the following day
13.00 arriving at the apartment for a quick shower and dropping off smart toys & lunch
14.00 arriving to Park of Abundance followed by a small tour to make you feel at home, get adjusted to living without a fridge, wifi, tv, kitchen, bathroom as you know it
16.00 preparing the fire for the spa, getting to know the technique using copper spiralled water system.
18.00 enjoying the spa, vegan pizza dinner and gong bath
22.00 early goodnight and rest in the cob house

the wayshower


9.00 wake up to the sounds of gong
10.00 earth-sky meditation and morning walk
11.00 raw vegan brunch and visit to a nearby farm & talk about disconnection from the animal kindgom
12.00 beach visit (weather depending) to one of the most beautiful parts of the island – el Cotillo lagoons. Option for watersport afternoon (surfing, free dive, windsurf, kite surf)
17.00 a visit and personalized session with a physio therapist
19.00 sunset walk and talk about our fears, doubts, addictions, unhappiness etc.
20.00 dinner in a local vegan restaurant
22.00 Back to Park of Abundance, preparing the crystal spa and learn about orgone energy used for protection from external negative frequencies.
00.00 midnight spa & gong and shamanic music for deep breathing and good sleep
01.00 goodnight under the stars or in a cob house

Spa experience


8.00 waking up to the sounds of the nature & meditation, morning walk
9.00 raw vegan breakfast
10.00 help with watering the plants & discussion about humanity & animal kingdom
11.00 trip to Lobos island natural park (weather permitting) with volcano hike, snorkelling and picnic in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Canaries.
15.00 invitation to see  GreGor’s old friend – a holistic dentist, where you will have a chance to get your teeth cleaned with ultra sound and have them checked to find out how your teeth are affecting your sleep patterns, general health.
17.00 spend the evening in touristy Corralejo and observe people’s choices when on holiday and why after the holidays some need time to heal.
19.00 sunset walk & discussion about our feelings, heart-mind choices
20.00 vegan dinner of your choice
21.00 night dancing and testing how fun is it not being drunk or stoned.
2.00 time for a good night’s sleep


8.00 wake up and time for short walk and light breakfast
9.00 orgonite making workshop
10.00 work in the Park of Abundance – spa cleanup, planting, irrigation, permaculture explained
11.00 raw vegan lunch
12.00 trip to the south of the island, possible watersport practice or excursion to more remote parts of the island.
19.00 ferry via Gran Canaria to Tenerife – the heart center / chakra of Canary Islands.
23.00 arrival to Tenerife and sleep in the nature next to an off-grid farm.

the wayshower


7.00 wake up to the sound of happy roosters
7.30 sunrise swim in the ocean, meditation and sun salutations
9.00 breakfast and back to the farm for some horse riding or freestyle day exploring the island under GreGor’s guidance.
15.00 vegan lunch and head to the other side of the island to visit a finca with a lush garden with mature avocado and other trees.
19.00 sacred fire preparation and dinner
22.00 shamanic breathwork session
1.00 sleep in the wooden cabin or under the stars


8.00 wake up, light excercise
9.00 breakfast
10.00 walk through the forest and discussion about chakras, sacred medicine
12.00 island tour
17.00 on the way to Fuerteventura via Gran Canaria by ferry, night on the ferry


7.00 Arrival back to Park of Abundance, breakfast
8.00 workshop on how to make colloidal silver
10.00 another island trip to Lanzarote – representing the crown chakra, the neighbouring island, just a short ferry ride away
20.00 back to the Park of Abundance – pizza night in the spa, gong music – discussing the importance of sexual transmutation, loss of life energy.
23.00 shamanic sound healing bath & wrap up
00.00 goodnight under the stars or in the cob house


7.00 wake up & gentle excercise
8.00 wrap up and sharing the experience from the whole week

Big hugs and slow goodbye, taking you back to the airport and integrating your experience.

the wayshower

Price per person: please inquire for quote €.

Please note the schedule is informative and GreGor will be very happy to customize the program according to your needs and wishes.