Declaration of Sovereignty

Breathing Tools Fuerteventura

Before starting any of the breathing tools it is a good idea to give your cells instructions of your purpose. In this time is important to take control of our lives, here is the DECLARATION OF SOVEREIGNTY :

“In the name of truth, I cancel any permission I might have given for imposed hypnotism and control of my being. I reject and remove out of my system all kinds of control techniques that have been used to control or harvest my energy and awareness. I now let go of all fear. I am sovereign and clear.

I am regaining all my true power. If I ever used any controlling technique towards another, consciously or unconsciously, I now cancel it completely. I wake up now and I breathe again. I am now out of the spider’s web of control.

I am free!

All my senses are being naturally restored. I am enlightened! I am regaining my true power.

I can breathe. I can breathe. I can breathe my heart is now free to live.”

And so it is.

Love Yourself!