My Awakening

Born just like everybody else on this planet Earth, I soon realized some things are not told or talked about. When I was still a shy child, taken to church, listening to all that does not work in everyday life, I soon got into trouble watching the moon through a telescope that my dad gave me for my birthday. Shortly after I started to question what is happening and why the moon is so close to Earth, but no one could tell me what the moon actually is. Even better, I was told to not discuss such things, as people will think I have lost my mind…

After that I did what everyone does: school, work, cars, drugs, addictions, sports…I  had a great job earning average person’s monthly salary in a week…

I left my home country to explore what the world has to offer, and soon realized that all is about money and fear…

Up until that magic moment, when a very special person walked into my life, recommending a book: Who built the Moon?

Ever since I have not stop exploring human potential.

After a few terrible sports accidents, I declined doctors’ help and years later healed my issues with meditation.

Since that, I have also learned, that we have 3 bodies: Body/Mind/Spirit and that until they are not connected you will struggle in different areas of life. I did all kinds of teachings and spiritual work and deepest sessions on myself traveling inward, till I finally activated his heart/stargate and pineal gland/third eye.

I have also learnt that to become financially worry free, I had to become spiritual. And to become spiritual, I had to learn about my sexuality. You see, If you can not directly face your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality. Your earthly spirit leads to discovering your heavenly spirit. Look at what created you, to discover what will immortalize you.

In the process, I has changed my diet from being a omnivore to unprocessed vegan and even pranic eater, while studying and practicing Tantra and Tao. Actually we all are prana eaters 🙂 we just love to experiment with all sort of karmic games.

I have studied from all the great teachers from Osho, Drunvalo, Tesla, Schauberger…

Years ago, I started a little funding campaign, that did not get much funds. That did not stop me from realizing what I had wished to achieve with it. I have returned the money raised and it’s ever since been funded by my own finances.

And to this very place – Park of Abundance, I would like to invite more advanced souls to join me on a journey of self discovering. Here you will receive all kinds of tools to work with on yourself, in any kind of field you are struggling with. From meditations, to food, orgone power, sound therapy, working with GAIA, connecting with angels, ascended masters, activating your stargate, your third eye clearing, knowing your fears and balancing chakras, forgetting your addictions and breaking down old paradigms that keep you in the loop and stopping you from  becoming healthy, independent and happy. Your last worry will be your finances.

GreGor making the orgonite bed.

I am always open to new challenges and willing to communicate with outer world to work on inner world.

To Show The Way into 5D living.

I offer weekly sessions to self realisation on almost any kind of level.

If your requirement is not yet known to my experience, I would properly look for guidance through the help of the ascended masters, meditation or shamanic practices, always with your permission and presence.

Gregor during the making of Orgonite bed.

If you feel the calling to make big changes in your life, please know, I can only work with one person at the time, so no groups or big events for such work. For any kind of further information, feel free to send me an email, add me on facebook.

Do not forget, that whole world was born thru act of sex and now you can be born spiritually illuminating your destiny. World is round, it is a circle where there is no beginning and no end. So we choose to reincarnate here, to love unconditionally despite the limitations we have chosen to experience.

Remember, I can’t do anything else for you but show you the WAY how to get where you wish to go yourself!

Light and love to YOU.