What is Orgone energy?

Qi, Ki, Prana, Life Force, Ether. These are all different terms for the very same thing.

Orgone Energy is just another term for the same energy. The term was coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist/psychoanalyst and contemporary of Sigmund Freud. Reich used this term to describe the universal energy that permeates everything and is the source of all life. He observed this energy as being omnipresent and the basis of all life processes as he was studying the human orgasm. He actually coined the term Orgone after Orgasm. Reich observed that when the flow of this Orgone Energy is blocked in a person, this leads to muscular tension and disease.

He was also talking about the negative manifestation of Orgone Energy, what he called Deadly orgone energy or DOR. You could describe world’s deserts as such as they’re lacking a flow of this vibrant orgone energy.  Whenever the atmosphere feels stale, and when you observe a particular blackness in cloud formations, you are in fact experiencing a high and unhealthy DOR concentration.

Chemical cloud formations from geoengineering aerosol sprays also contain high amounts of DOR. These are void of life force energy. DOR is also attracted to EMF, so wherever there’s EMF, there is DOR.

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Everything God created has its own electromagnetic field. Additionally, everything man makes has an electromagnetic field (i.e., electronic technology). It is a measurable type of energy, and for the human body the EMF frequencies truly are the life of our cells. Electromagnetic radiation is the energy projected from the EMF’s. Just as there are good fats and bad fats for our body and good sugars and bad sugars for our body, so there are good/safe EMF’s and bad/harmful EMF’s for our body.

Why are some EMF’s harmful to our bodies? God designed the human body with very specific EMF frequencies.  Healthy tissue has these strong God-given frequencies. Unhealthy or diseased tissue has weak or altered frequencies.

Our healthy EMF frequencies become weak or altered for various reasons, but most commonly by too much exposure to other EMF frequencies which are out of the realm of our healthy body frequencies. This can happen over a period of years with low to moderate levels of electromagnetic radiation or it can happen immediately with a rare strong exposure. Once your healthy frequencies are altered, then come health issues which turn into various diseases such as cancer and fibromyalgia.  EMF radiation problems for the human body generally come from sources originating from: electric, magnetic, wireless and ionizing radiation

This is the world we find ourselves in- permeated & saturated with EMF and DOR.

Reich successfully experimented with Orgone accumulators to cure cancer patients, as he observed cancer to be a biopathy resulting from the blocked life energy in a highly DOR infested body.

He observed that the accumulation of Orgone Energy was stimulated by a layered combination of organic and metallic material.

He also developed the first Cloudbuster, a device consisting of metal pipes which would draw in the DOR and ground it into a large body of water – he aimed to use this Cloudbuster to revitalize deserts and arid areas in the US, where he lived for many years.

What are Orgone Energy devices?

Orgone energy devices/generators (aka orgonite, a term coined by the great Karl Welz) are etheric healing capacitors/transistors that utilize Reich’s layering of organic/inorganic elements, but Quartz crystals are added to the mix.

The addition of Quartz crystals to the Reich model of layering produces an effect on the etheric level that transmutes negative, stagnant DOR (void of life force) energy into positive life force (Orgone) energy.

These devices are constructed from hand, and made of resin, metals (in powder and filings form) minerals, gems and quartz.

Orgone generators harmonize “bio-energy”, another term for Orgone, chi, ki, prana, life force, ether, etc.

While conducting his research, Dr. Reich found that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy, while non-organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy.

Charging plate

Orgonite is based on these two principles. It is a 50-50 mix of resin (an organic petrochemical), and metal shavings (inorganic).

The quartz crystal added to the orgonite mix is a crucial component. This is because of the crystal’s piezoelectric properties, which means that it gives off a charge when it is put under pressure (resin shrinks when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the quartz crystal).

The close proximity of the metals to each other also produces a charge- this is referred to in physics terms as the Casimir effect.

Due to the fact that the elements contained in orgonite are constantly attracting and repelling energy, a “scrubbing” action takes place.

This cleans stagnant and negative energy, and brings it back to a healthy, vibrant state.

Other powerful healing minerals, gems and crystals can be added to enhance the power of these devices, but are not necessary.

Orgonite works on the etheric level rather than the electromagnetic level.

Rather than reducing radiation, it is proposed that orgonite works because chaotic, imbalanced Orgone energy is a by-product of EMFs.

Orgone devices do not clean up EMFs per se, but rather, they clean up the disorganized deadly Orgone energy produced by it.

This “scrubbing” effect produces an ambient, soothing, peaceful environment that is a catalyst for reiki work, meditation, deep REM sleep, lucid dreams, and a healthy, calming state that is crucial for our evolution into higher levels of consciousness.

Harmonizer pyramid