Breathing Tools

Here is one simple technique to relax your mind with only one breath.
How does it work?
As you watch the short clip, imagine golden light ( represented by our Sun ) emitting the rays of pure white light ( represented by white foam) coming to you and bathe you with it till it dissolve your current thoughts that are bothering you.
What can you do?
As wave of pure white is coming start taking deep breath and as it “hits” you, hold air inside you as long as you can and watch your thoughts dissolve as they are taken by our father 🌞 than slowly release it and think of purest cleaned possibilities you have inside yourself for yourself.
Write it down, the love that you have just felt for you being here right now in the present moment.
Use it as often as you feel like and share it with people, will make you feel much better than all the worrying you are processing right now… I can tell you one thing:
95% of those worries are not yours and is time to let them go 😇