Park of Abundance

GreGor lives on an island where rainy days are few and land is barren, there are almost no fresh water sources to be found on the island. Park of Abundance is an extensive project in the making. It’s a project about returning and connecting with nature again and living life abundantly and off-grid.

The original idea of Park of Abundance was born in GreGor’s mind after years of garden works, watching people throw away plants, bio waste, wood and other useful natural material.

On a completely barren piece of land GreGor started building a cob house (his childhood dream), using only natural materials – soil, straw, bio degradable rice bags and recycled materials. His goal has been to build an abundantly lush garden, with flowing water, aquaponic garden surrounding the central cob house and building a space for hosting sacred plant ceremonies, connecting with like-minded people, organizing events, retreats and workshops, building an educational garden for kids to learn about harvesting natural energy from the flowing water, organic agriculture.


Gregor’s main goals, some already achieved are:

– harvest free falling water and turn it into electricity
– improve the structure of water and reconstruct it for healthier plants
– achieving harmonious environment between plants, animals and humans
– restoring health of plant, animal and human life
– spreading awareness on how to achieve prosperous future
– providing space where people can re-connect back to nature
– organizing “back to nature” retreats with sacred plant medicine
– building a foster home for abandoned animals (donkeys, horses, camels)
– founding an institute for practical ways of living with nature

Health, joy, happiness, abundance, harmony and above all love drive GreGor to continue his research in different areas for a better quality of life on this planet.  It’s about sharing not owning.

the wayshower

GreGor invites you to visit him at his little off-grid oasis in the middle of Fuerteventura and be a part of it. Everything can be done and achieved if awareness is shared. He’s grateful to everyone who helps and contributes in any way they can.