Black Beauty

I have asked the Creator to send me a bird as my next companion in life, but as creative as he is, he sends me a new born piggy. The Creator can be humorous in ways of giving us lessons and hopefully we learn from them, if not they will be repeated till learned. This […]

Our food choices

Hello, it has been a while since my last blog, as works on the webpage are taking quite some time, looking for ways and means to explain how to present the space for people to come and find their ways into theirs 💜 … Back again with further ideas on foods and the consequences to […]

Food for thought

Welcome back from Canaries on such a lovely day. We are having some days with plenty of sun and winter is knocking on the door. For most of Europe that means end of harvesting season that feeds most of citizens, but here is just the opposite, rains are more often and sun gives us time […]

Just start somewhere

To continue my blog… writing about the hidden fears we know about, but we don’t talk about, I just wish to bring up some topics and open the idea of other possibilities in life, maybe in someway My writing is deeper than one can follow, but be free to communicate and we can find ways […]

Everybody knows – nobody does

First I want to thank you for visiting this place with promise that will change the way You think life is to be lived. One must ask himself, why do I feel the way I feel? Something in this temple (body) is not right… My first such encounter was when I realized my dad will […]