Everybody knows – nobody does

First I want to thank you for visiting this place with promise that will change the way You think life is to be lived.

One must ask himself, why do I feel the way I feel?

Something in this temple (body) is not right…

My first such encounter was when I realized my dad will die one day. That thought destroyed my happiness as a child.
Before I was 7 years old, life was about fun on the shores of Croatia with granny during winters and summertime I would spent in camps by the sea with all family members.
I never as a kid wanted to smoke, drink, use drugs, argue on silly subjects and so on… All that was happening in the environment where I have grownup by age 14. Little did I know, that was happening all over the world, but no one wants to talk about it.
But by the time I was 21, I managed to do all of that what I said I will never do… I was hooked on, some would say addictive habits. In reality is not addiction, is luck of knowledge that is not told in family, school, church, TV and so on…
I can’t remember how many times my dad collected me from police station and my mom took me to hospital.
I just had troubles in all aspects of life.
Soon after that age, I started to question all that was happening in my life. By age 23 I left my country and it took me 15 years long search why is so?
Today I wish to share my experiences and knowledge with the world and for this reason I made this site where I wanna share my thoughts with You.
I Am no internet’s master, but will do my best to keep this blog active and open doors to Park of Abundance that I also started about 3 years ago with My funds.
From now on, I will make my best to keep you up to date with progress on the park and keep regular posts on the activities offered for all who have a call to change their lives.
Thank you for coming and also feel free to comment or ask any question that you have in your mind.

Love and light to You