Just start somewhere

To continue my blog… writing about the hidden fears we know about, but we don’t talk about, I just wish to bring up some topics and open the idea of other possibilities in life, maybe in someway My writing is deeper than one can follow, but be free to communicate and we can find ways of understanding… by the way one my friend’s stealing some food from me ☺

Most people live in fear, hence attention from outside world is comforting them when felling insecure. The sad truth is, that what ever is happening in outside world we so much adore watching thru eyes, is all but reflection from what is happening inside, all those feelings we fear to unleash from our thoughts. Example, when one has fear of certain element that makes this creation, as we all are made from what Earth has to offer in this reality, then that gets expressed also in the outside world. I, for example Am element of AIR and struggle with water, although I challenge myself with all kinds of water sport achievements ( I guess that’s why I mainly do water sports) we must also understand in this world of duality, what each element represents. Water is female energy and so is expressing in my inner world. The one that programmed my believes the most made also an other effect, as is feminine energy and comes from early childhood, have fears to say things I wish to my own mother. And than no matter how many girls have walked thru my life with their feminine energy, still the worst nightmare is the mother of my child, as she does exactly the same as my mother did. But we must respect free will, as we came to this dimension to FEEL. But humans became so detached from their soul and spirit, that the only life they know is the outer world and not knowing that all that is happening to them is the result of what they carry deep inside them. Is true emotions that one can truly feel and ask oneself what is happening and why. To be able to admit yourself that all is but your own experience that was caused by yourself only, than one can start the journey and disconnect from the powerful mind/ego and start the longest path in all life times and that is the one into your own heart. There are all your answers and solutions to problems mind has created. And to do so, one must suffer first and maybe admit it’s enough and start the change inside him/her self. In this world of duality the difficulty arises when one decides for one side and does not allow that existence just brings him what is needed for him/her development in to higher realms. We learn. Nothing new in this life time, is all inside us, but creator makes sure, each one of us, has his unique path to self-realisation. So judging will not bring you farther than to the beginning of your journey in to your heart. Once the soul comes to that realisation, life starts to change and universe sends you all in abundance. As here on earth there is no lack of anything. It’s all in abundance. Just look how much food, things, properties and so on is thrown and destroyed on daily bases… but if you get stuck in judging the outside world, than your feelings are suffering. Hence people feel better posting and get approved in the outside world than facing what is happening inside them.
So here comes the expression:
Live more, think less 😇
Don’t wait for someone to tell you can do it.
If there is no time, when is the right time?
Just start somewhere now, and go from there.

Wish you loads of love & light