Food for thought

Welcome back from Canaries on such a lovely day. We are having some days with plenty of sun and winter is knocking on the door. For most of Europe that means end of harvesting season that feeds most of citizens, but here is just the opposite, rains are more often and sun gives us time for double harvest, but not such growth ( as days are short, plants tend to give flowers, fruits and life to all animal kingdom ) and this is the time when we change diets and our lifestyle…
Today my wish is to write about how food creates your thoughts and how your temple (body) fights or enjoys the process of it.
You would not believe how many people ask this question:
Are you VEGAN?
And I reply; if you like that idea, than yes…
And of course that is confusing answer for most people.
Let us go way back on this theme as is making war on this planet and is bit silly and not properly introduced to majority of humans.

We all are pranic soulmates, we all adore plants and love animals. We are just introduced into some habits we have not chosen. One such example is food eating habits. These are the are worst ones, but to stay on one subject for now, let’s keep food in mind…

Here I ask you to just think a little bit, and ask yourself what  foods have you actually chosen in life? As a kid you loved some food, and others were forced to your plate? At least during my childhood it was like this. Maybe you were allowed as babies to choose some animal milk to keep you going and become adult? Have you ever thought, that no being produces milk for fun or excessive use? And who gave the idea, that the biggest animal walking around is provider of your growth? Even better question would be, for what purpose are we fed animal milk as babies? Once you answered all this, you might realize that milk that gets produced in any being is a resource of life for their offspring.
In indigenous cultures, women would feed with excessive milk animals that lost their home or mother. In modern world, most women can’t produce enough milk to keep their baby healthy.

So here is another question that not many are asking, why would someone wanna take milk from other source, that clearly is meant for their children? Unless baby is lost, that milk production has very specific role to play.

But as you have heard from who ever; eat so you grow…
Maybe some meat for muscle development with some nice cheese for good tasting foods.

My favorite saying as a kid was: have some meat, so you’ll be as strong as a bird in its knees 🤗

Soon after I have learned skills of killing farm animals for food consumption… Rabbits were my speciality,  on one side, I was rescuing them, and this action was sometimes overlooked, but mostly punished, for taking white, black and well you know beautiful ones to my home and hide them…but on other side, I was shown how to get all this done so fast, that heart would still move when I took it out…

So yes my friends, as you, so I have been introduced in to omnivorous lifestyle as well, is just easy all year around for humans to not worry about food choices.
But with it comes all that you know, in modern world…

So as a child of course you can not choose, it’s your parents or whoever claims that you are their child, do the choice for you.
Than you come to school and here they teach you about some valuable nutrition facts, that are proven just for general public knowledge to be safe and recommended for consumption.

And all of that is nicely packed in shops for us to buy, under free choice and will. How it came to there, how it was treated and handled till your purchase is not an issue. All is controlled and guess what; humans love control.

Is the ego part, that is in love when all things are under control. So can young mommy feed her child, asap he or she starts crying with first choice in shop, thinking as she was told, when baby is crying! it means he is hungry??? What a great thought, so babies only cry when hungry?

Great, when do you really stop and think?

But it must work, since as soon as you give baby warm milk, they tend to quietly fall asleep…

Sadly, their little organisms just can’t handle so much energy from foreign source and what happens is, body of such baby simply collapses and needs to reboot. Hence sleep and excrete of the incoming energy.

How come, in this world we have people who do not eat as we were introduced, and their kids have no problems growing? Even more, they do not see doctors unless they have contaminated their temple with unknown substances or have some external injuries or so on…

Well they still eat, maybe not so often than a omnivorous or vegan would, but they do when they feel like, they simply live of prana, kundalini or chi as one might call it.

…my wish is to bring up understanding of what foods actually do to our temple/body. And I will do my best to explain in simple words, so anybody can grasp why is so important to understand your intake habits…

And to answer if I’m for a vegan lifestyle?
Well, I just can’t handle much of processed foods.
For me, once freed from universal knowledge, I have experimented for years with foods, how they play their role in our behaviour…

Today I eat raw foods that never seen kitchen if by my choice.
When invited to have food somewhere else, I go for vegan and what ever they offer me, my choice if possible is what still has not been processed, and is still full of its original kundalini energy. Since I was omnivorous from start, I still would take food from indigenous people and the animals that they breed. When I AM around shamans, sometimes I do that, but it has a more spiritual meaning of non judgemental mind.

But what people’s choice and power of industrial management has done to the world, is just not spoken about.

And everything has its price to pay. Most people today are to busy to keep up with their education after schooling stops. Hence their thoughts are stuck on a level that just gave idea of life, but not openly showing the possibility of choosing.

Than is that other thing, that is not questionable:
All animal’s tissues are from vegetables.
Even from those who are omnivorous, eat those who are vegan. Than one who really studied some form of for example protein sources, comes to conclusions, that animal protein is required from plant based protein. And to some who’s mindset is filled that his muscles and energy level will boost after a meaty meal, comes as surprise, that after food intake, they need to rest… while plant based food eater, hardly has such problem… will tell you one story how I was surprised on how much energy one has under such diet:

I consider myself sporty and pretty persistent when it comes to sport or work. After years of digging holes for plants on island of Fuerteventura, that is mainly rocky soil or sand. Now sand part is joke to dig. But rocky part can kill your mood in few swings! Specially during the day, so in the park I work on, I do such work at night time.
One day, I was called to make a big garden and had to dig a lot for a few days. Of course I got myself some help by a new friend who arrived on the island. To cut the story short, it was a super hot day, with no wind, it was 1200 o’clock and we were digging since 8 am. I was dead, but persistent. I looked at my friend as he smoked cigarettes one after another digging without stopping.
My original thoughts were: he must need his money, but soon after I had to ask: what the hell are you eating, that you still have all this energy??? His reply was in smiley dirty face saying: I’m vegan my friend ☺️

I had no clue about vegans to be honest at the time!
But his will to dig was amazing to me!

So I had to ask some more and of course 3 year experimental education started in my life.

I always felt eating animals was not good for my heart.
Just took me 30 years to figure it out 🤗

Ever since, my life has change dramatically in many aspects of living. First major one is, no need for doctors, all those white unknown substances, perfumes, or any cosmetic products, no use of shampoo and all those cleaning fancy stuff we can buy, to make our body “smell nice” while we keep on consuming other heart sourced foods.
And much more, that I wish to share with you, as my only wish is, to help the one who struggled as I have with life and its illusion of self recognition.
What about sexuality and foods? Well that will be totally separate chapter, bit later for those who love to practice Tantra or Tao.
For those who consume meat as a source of life, probably this writing will not seem appealing until they have to face their karmic choice.
There is no good or bad karma. It just gives you lesson of ignorance, simply reflects your actions of unconditional love towards others and yourself.
A human can consume all he desires, till what extent and expenses, time will show him what it does to the body.
And then there is another ignorantly used sentence everyone likes to say:
You know, I love animals…. as many have explained to me.
That same person might be seen walking with dog on a leash. How ironically is to meet such lovely couples on this planet. If you love any animal, please do not keep it on leash, or closed space.
Just think how you loved that when being a kid?
And we all said: when I grow up, I will free all the animals, I will not drink beer nor smoke cigarettes!
But today, cats get food that causes cancer, dogs are locked home to await their owners and the rest of the animals are or for fun use or food production.
And you are surprised when some animals bite, kick or run from you?
By the way, on the photo is a donkey we call Guapo, I  bought him my son and then returned to the old owner (did not ask for money back) as he kept on escaping back to his mom when being free in my park. So I had all kind of problems, from neighbours complaining what damages he did, police and restricted roads he crossed, and others telling me how I can’t lock him and he always escaped from my land. But truth was far more different; I would let him go at nights and look than for him, just for fun and to train my other gifts I realized I have ever since my food intake has changed.

Today Guapo, loves to follow me or my son, and strong as he is, he gives most gentle kisses to ones who dare 😇

In next blog, will open different themes and ideas how food created your status today and how can be changed or integrated in your desired lifestyle you strive for 🙏🏻

Love and light to all